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Animated Explainer Video For B2B Businesses

Animated Explainer Video For B2B Businesses

When marketing in the B2B space, there is only one thing to count and that is content. And in 2017, the most important content form was video content. Stats from Google are even proving that websites with videos are gaining higher rankings simply because the Google algorithms are now considering the number of times people stay on your website and use that as a ranking factor.

Videos make people stay for more which is a plus for your brand. Although Google is offering this massive benefit, there is one thing that pains me. B2B marketers are not fast catching up to the trend. Most of them are spending time writing blogposts and creating images and infographics which may work but don't have that dynamic functionality to entice people towards taking action when they see the massive benefits your product can offer to their business.

And one thing that's important and beneficial about explainer video is that they have an innate ability that enables them to take the most complicated ideas and present them in a fluent way which any layman can easily understand.

Image Source: Google

What does your product do? That is the question to be answered here. Maybe you made your product or are offering your service to bring convenience to people's businesses. You have to find a way you can articulate that in a simple but effective manner and there's no way you can do so without making an explainer video a part of the mix.

When explaining the functionality and objectives of your product, text can sometimes make everything tricky because it's very easy for people to misread things, but with an explainer video, the story is different particularly if you have partnered with a great b2b explainer video company like ourselves to make everything easier for you.