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Automobile Exhaust System – How Does it Work?

Automobile Exhaust System – How Does it Work?

There are countless cars in the world today and the number is only going to grow in the future. So will the pollution.

A performance car exhaust system via has the following elements which you should know about –

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1. Exhaust Manifold – The air that is coming out of your exhaust system is the depleted gases that are used for the incineration that takes place inside your car engine. Normally, the s of the cars are made up of casted iron or steel or aluminum. The main function of the is to take in air and connect it to the head of the cylinder. Thus, from all cylinders is accumulated in one pipe.2. Oxygen Sensors – These are usually placed in the exhaust pipes or in your Skunk2 racing manifold.

These are mainly required by the cars that use modern fuel. The oxygen sensors help in regulating the fuel consumption. These give the cars computer readings that can be used to control the fuel going into the engine.3. Catalytic Converter – These change the noxious gases into water vapor. It converts the hydro carbons and carbon monoxide into water vapor and CO2.

This leads to lesser emission of pollutants. Catalytic converters are situated around the manifold. The usage of these has become compulsory by the laws of some states.4. Cat-Back – The function of cat-back is to allow smooth flow of gases with minimum back pressure.

This point is important because of bends in the system pipes. You can find the cat-back around catalytic converters.5. Mufflers – The main function of this is to reduce the noise that takes place inside the engines.The burning of gases that takes place inside an engine consists of multiple explosions which create a huge amount of noise.