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Black Truffle Sea Salt is Not Just For Pasta

Black Truffle Sea Salt is Not Just For Pasta

For years, this is how my mom used to describe sea salt, but now I know better, thanks to my friend Jennifer from Kitchen Bouquet. She had asked me to make her some appetizer recipe for her big cookout and I was more than happy to oblige, being as excited as she was to try her hand at making something with a bit of extra kick. I found that there are many options when it comes to sea salt, and one must choose wisely if they truly wish to create an appetizer recipe with real "oomph". After all, it's just an addition to the food you're already cooking, so you might as well go for something that really adds to the flavor of the foods you serve.

So what makes a good sea salt? Many claim it has a very rich flavor with a slight hint of smoked yeast. Some say it is very salty and tastes like chocolate, but I find that it can be a bit too overpowering. It's more of a whimsical flavor rather than a delicious one. It's a clever chef s dream come true, black truffle salt brings a hint of mushroom, earthy and spicy flavor to eggs, beef, vegetables, and pasta.

FYI: My other top sellers are Himalayan Pink Salt and Smoked Bacon Salt, so these two do very well in the seasoning department.

In keeping with the playful nature of my friend, I chose to try black truffle salt as an alternative. This gives it a very light flavor and is certainly less salty. It is also very rich, almost caramel-like in appearance and flavor, but not quite as much as Himalayan Pink Salt or Smoked Bacon Salt. This makes it ideal for salads and even cold salads.

My first time using this seasoning was on popcorn. A quick spray over the popcorn resulted in a beautiful crunchy outer shell with a salty and sweet combination. You can season to taste with regular salt as well, just make sure to leave some behind when popping the popcorn. I found this to be a great alternative to using real, everyday salt.

The second time I used it, on some popcorn I decided to use the black truffle sea salt and again, not to overdo it. It added just the right amount of color and taste. Not to mention it gave the kernel's a lovely sheen. This was a really nice change from the usual flavor of regular popcorn.

When it comes to salting things, nothing adds flavor to food like sea salt. With popcorn, I found that it didn't need much seasoning, just a light dusting. I sprinkled a little over each kernel and let it sit for a few minutes. I popped into my microwave oven, and the salt really hit the ground and popped up on the outside. This was a fantastic change from the regular snack chips I was using.

Now when I make fresh pasta dishes, I always use black truffle sea salt. Why? Well, for one thing, it maintains the delicate flavor of the noodles. Another reason is that it maintains its shape, which is important for making long, delicious pasta dishes. You can season to taste, but regular salt will give the pasta a metallic taste.

Here's another recipe I am telling you about. This time it's baked potato with sage leaves. First I sauteed the potato in olive oil to bring out the natural flavor. Then I placed the sage leaves on top of the potatoes in the pan and cooked them until the pieces were dark and soft, just like pasta.