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How HR Strategies Can Support Company Culture

How HR Strategies Can Support Company Culture

Creating a corporate culture that aligns well with business strategies and needs is an ongoing process. Even high performing companies have some strategies that are out of line with culture or have cultures that need gradual nudging in a new direction that better fits organizational needs.

Developing organizational culture characteristics starts with asking tough questions. Corporate leaders and HR staff must first agree on what the culture is, determine if employees believe the culture aligns with what leadership says it is, and then look at policies and strategies in-depth to see if alignment is present or absent. If misalignment is found, plans should be put into place to close the gaps and help ensure that leadership’s definition of the culture is how it is truly perceived by employees.

organizational culture characteristics

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HR’s role is to determine what employees think and to help leadership integrate business strategy with talent management and rewards programs to foster shifts that better enable companies to reach alignment while striving for the attainment of performance goals.

When organizations have a clearly defined culture that supports business strategies, employees are better able to understand the mission and determine where they fit in the grand scheme of things. Those who fit within the culture and are equipped to support the mission tend to be happier, more productive and more committed to their jobs.