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Reasons for Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer

Reasons for Hiring a Real Estate Lawyer

A real estate lawyer is someone who is mostly involved in resolving disputes You will probably ask what these instances are when you need to hire their services. Well, let me enumerate the top three occasions that hiring a real estate attorney will really come in handy.

The first is when you are getting a divorce. I have a friend who went through this devastating experience and because she was not prepared for it, she did not know what to do. They have a lot of properties that they needed to settle. And they have children that she needs to take care of. 

It's a good thing that her divorce lawyer knew of a very good real estate firm and so they were able to consult what was the best way to divide the properties. She also opted to keep their home rather than sell it to a third party and so their lawyer drafted a contract such that my friend will have to pay off her husband his share of the property's amount.

The second concern all kinds of purchase or sale of property. If you're a property investor or buying your first home to the first time you'll require this type of lawyer to handle every purchase. 

They'll ensure that each sale and purchase concludes on time and the title is checked, that utilities are paid and there aren't any deeds or liens on the property you're purchasing.