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Giving Light To Freshwater Aquariums – Proper Artificial Lighting

There are a number of different artificial lights on the market today that you can use to illuminate your aquarium, although not all options can be used in all the types of aquariums available as each has specific properties that are used for the same purpose.

Fluorescent lighting is one of the most popular types of lighting for freshwater aquariums. You can also look for a quick reference guide online while buying aquarium lights.

In contrast to light bulbs, fluorescent tubes produce a relatively high level of brightness with low power consumption. Unlimited accessibility makes fluorescent lamps suitable for use in aquariums.

Metal halide lamps are one of the best light sources to use in an aquarium, mainly because of the intense lighting they can provide.

The light emitted by metal halide lamps is so strong that it can mimic the actual lighting effect of the sun on earth, making it the best choice if you want to reproduce a busy marine ecosystem. The drawback is that it is quite expensive and rather difficult to maintain.

What Type Of Lighting Is Appropriate?

You need to know the general state of marine life in your aquarium, as well as the actual specifications of the aquarium itself, before deciding what type of lighting to use.

Another factor to consider is the depth of the water, in direct relation to the lighting required to cover the entire aquarium and the total population of the aquarium itself.

However, be careful with special types of marine plants that require a certain luminosity. You can do your research or ask an expert about the lighting requirements for this plant.