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Understand How Medical Equipment Manufacturers In The US Will Fight Against Cybercrime

As it turns out, you can hack a pacemaker. The US FDA warned consumers in January of this year that these devices and some others may be vulnerable to remote hacking but noted that the dangers pertained to a few specific brands. 

However, according to the security firm, this could actually be true for a greater number of implantable and embedded cardiac device brands than previously reported. The threat may also extend to other implantable medical equipment widely used in the American market, including insulin pumps and blood sugar monitors.

The availability of best medical equipment companies, programmers, device monitors, and other medical equipment on online platforms such as eBay makes it very easy for anyone to get their hands on these devices; researchers found key weaknesses in devices purchased from these platforms that could allow someone to remotely adjust their performance or even stop them entirely.

1. Provide more frequent updates for systems and programmers: Software updates will need to become more frequent and efficient in order to properly address bugs, vulnerabilities, and operational issues.

2. Require authentication and increase device security: Monitoring systems across the board—even those for doctors—are likely to require passwords or authentication protocol before they are allowed to connect with a patient’s medical equipment.

 3. Implement stricter controls on programmers’ distribution: The availability of pacemakers and other implantable devices on e-commerce websites may decrease significantly as manufacturers put tighter controls on distribution, sales, and general accessibility.