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Man Diamond Ring Collections Offering Great Alternatives

For many, if a diamond ornament is not the real deal then they simply cannot adorn it as it will make them look inferior or like wannabes. Then again, diamonds are very expensive; does this mean that only the deep-pocketed can adorn diamond jewelry? Well, science defies this fact by providing us with synthetic diamonds that are so real that the naked eye of an experienced jeweler cannot tell the difference.

As the traditionally expensive and dangerous processes of mining natural diamonds are now avoided, this means that a man diamond ring and other such jewelry can now be purchased at reasonable prices. Now you can buy artificial diamond rings which look same as natural diamond rings.

A man diamond ring created through the Moissanite process is subject to discoloration after long use. Online you can find lab-made diamond rings that are closer to the natural mined diamonds and thus obviously not created from the Moissanite process. This is courtesy of new and advanced layering technology. The gem generated from this process is enhanced with an optical layer to optimize the internal reflecting properties besides being hand cut to distinct perfection.

A diamond is appreciated for its colorlessness and shininess. Scientists have guaranteed that your man diamond ring will shine equally or even brighter at refractive indexes (R.I) going up to 2.46 compared to a natural diamond's 2.40. This is still better than Moissanite lab-made diamonds; although they have an R.I of 2.65, they are bi-refractive, which means that they split light excessively and thus the ring ends up appearing fake. These alternative diamonds can be easily cut or shaped to bring out the exceptional sparkle and brilliance observed in the real stones.