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Using Facebook Messenger Bot to Maximize Customer Conversions Through Data

Facebook Messenger Bots is a powerful online marketing strategy that can save you money and time while you work scaling your enterprise. Utilizing a Facebook Messenger Bot is an immediate, automated, and cost-efficient way to connect directly with your client and drive qualified leads to your website. As the name suggests, a Messenger Bot is a program that runs on Facebook Messenger. With a Facebook Messenger Bot, you can create, develop, and distribute content through the network of Facebook's registered users. These programs also make it possible for users to share links, files, and applications between their personal accounts, groups, and pages.

To start using chat bots, you need to have an account with Facebook and create a relevant application. Once you have created an app, you can easily search for people and their profiles. When someone searches for what you offer, your app will appear in the search results. In that application, you will be able to show your contacts some basic information like your name, contact details, email address, and maybe even your website or blog URL. Now, you can start communicating with other people using Facebook messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Hipchat, and TweetDeck.

This Facebook application serves as a gateway to your company website where your customers can find answers to all their queries or problems. Through Messenger Bot, you can make valuable customer service connections that can translate into increased sales and more referrals. The main advantage of using this bot over other internet marketing tools is that you can post updates from your website, blog, or Facebook page through Messenger without having to manually push a new post or a notification to every user on his or her personal profile. This eliminates one of the main challenges associated with internet marketing.

There are three different types of Facebook Messenger Bot available to businesses. They are Salesforce chat bots, Facebook Live bot, and fan bots. Salesforce chat bots are specifically designed to provide customer service. Facebook Live Bots provides real-time customer service via Facebook's interactive wall. Fan bots are used for promotion and social media marketing.

In a broader context, there are several ways to view Messenger Bot as a unique platform. On a technological level, the bot provides a way for Facebook users to communicate without the need for human interpreters, translators, or marketers. Furthermore, the bot can serve as a medium through which business owners can promote their products or services to billions of people. These billions of users can be accessed through any smartphone or mobile device. In a broader perspective, the bot has also paved the way for Facebook to enter the messaging apps market.

In addition to offering excellent customer service through Messenger Bot, it also offers one-click open rates on various third-party applications that are available through Facebook. These third-party applications include games like FarmVille and Facebook Wall. Salesforce chatbot has also integrated its system with Twitter and Gmail. Consequently, once the application is opened, it starts to send automatic emails to the specified recipients at designated times.

Facebook Messenger Bot allows marketers to send automatic messages to various individuals based on their location, interests, or other parameters. These parameters can be set according to the user's preferences such as country, language, age, gender, and so on. Based on these parameters, the bot can suggest different kinds of news items or advertisements. Salesforce open rate tools can be utilized to track the number of click-throughs that result from a promotional advertisement. The click-through rate is the percentage of total visitors that sign up after seeing the advertisement in the user's inbox.

On the other hand, fan bots can be used to promote a brand through Facebook user conversations. Salesforce open-source chatbot is the first artificial intelligence application developed specifically for this purpose. Using the Facebook API, it is capable of recognizing different types of conversations posted on the social media site including comments, status updates, messages, uploaded files, and photos. As a result, the bot displays relevant information from customer conversations such as brands, products, services, and so on.