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About Child Support Lawyer

If one parent has custody of the child, both parents are still responsible to take care of their child. Courts typically have to require the parent with no custody or the parent who the child doesn’t reside for the majority of the time to pay child support.

Child support is usually a matter of concern in divorce proceedings, however it could also happen with married couples who are not married. You can browse to know more about child support lawyers in Honolulu. 

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The judge or parents usually determine how much child support that should be paid as part of the divorce settlement or court order. In certain states it is possible to use a formula to determine the amount of child support.

When negotiations over child support become conflicting, many parents discover they require a lawyer to advocate effectively for their rights as well as the rights for their kids.

Child support is an extremely confusing matter due to the numerous aspects that play into when determining the right amount. The main factors are the needs of the children, the parents’ respective income, as well as each parent’s obligations and debts. 

If the parent who is not custodial does not adhere to an order for child support the collection of child support could be a matter of court-ordered additional proceedings, which could include altering an order for child support or securing the income of the parent who is not cooperating.

Parents who live across states certain laws can make the process much more complicated, by restricting the locations in which parents are able to modify and the child support orders. A lawyer who has the ability to successfully defend your position in the child support issue can be the only way to get your voice heard in the court.