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Why Am I Not Wealthy? And How Can I Change My Fortunes?

Why is it that some people in this world make money so easily, and some people work themselves nearly to death and still can't make ends meet?

For years I asked this question and questioned the injustice that some had the freedom of everlasting wealth, while others seemed damned to eternal poverty. When people have any query in their mind then they can easily visit q/a site to solve their confusion.

During the past few years I have studied the subject of personal development extensively.

I have come to realize that it is most often not fate that determines the level of prosperity and wealth people experience. I realize that whether someone is extremely rich or dirt poor, it is no accident.

At this point you may wonder how this can be. More each day, I realize wealth is determined by one primary thing….mindset. It's true.

Those who see themselves as worthy of being wealthy and think and feel rich are the ones that end up that way.

Those that feel unworthy of financial freedom or see having a significant amount of money as a bad thing are the ones that never see large amounts of money.

I once read a quote where someone said he would bet his life that if all the wealth in the world were evenly distributed to every person, it would not take long before those that were rich regained their wealth, and those that were previously poor were once again living in poverty.