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Drug Rehab in New Jersey

Drug rehab is a term that refers to the process of medical and psychological treatment for drug dependency. Drug users who have developed addiction cause by sustained drug abuse normally require some form of treatment to break the cycle of drug dependency.

Entry into drug rehab is not just reserved for those addicted to street drugs, such as cocaine, meth, crack, or heroin. Many of those who enter drug rehab are people addicted to doctor prescribed medications such as oxycontin, vicodin, and other pharmaceuticals. Even those addicted to alcohol are appropriate for treatment at a drug rehab.

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Benefits of Long-Term Drug Rehab Beginnings Treatment Centers

Drug rehab addresses the twofold nature of drug addiction: physical and psychological dependency. Those addicts who enter into drug rehab with a physical dependence normally require detoxification. Detox is the process of clearing the body of addictive substances so the body can again function normally. After the detox process is complete standard drug rehab methods of psychological treatment can begin.

Psychological treatment is the most important part of any drug rehab, getting to the bottom of what causes addicts and alcoholics to continually abuse drugs and alcohol despite negative consequences. Counselors at drug rehabs are in charge of the daily psychological treatment. These counselors carry various degrees and types of credentials and normally run group therapy sessions and one on one counseling sessions.