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Cure Puppy Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety in puppies is serious and should not be overlooked. It can be treated with medication, or behavior modification depending on how severe the condition is. 

It takes a different amount of time in dealing with dog separation anxiety. The severity of the anxiety in the puppy will determine the duration and effectiveness of the treatment.


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For severe disorders, you may need to use a combination of several methods to treat your dog. If your pet is suffering from severe anxiety, a veterinarian will prescribe antidepressant medication. 

Simple behavioral training can cure mild disorders. Mild cases are usually treated in a matter of weeks. However, if left untreated, they can get worse and require a longer time to resolve.

Behavioral modification and prescribed medication are both options that can be used to reduce symptoms and accelerate your progress. 

To solve your dog's anxiety, you must combine desensitization and behavioral training. Failure to properly train your dog will not solve the root cause of anxiety. 

You can also choose the program that you will use to help your puppy with anxiety. You might consider enrolling your dog in a daycare program, or even leaving them with a friend or sitter until they are able to go on their own. This is so your dog doesn't learn to panic when you go away.

The hardest thing about your dog barking at you all the time is that you aren't there to correct it. So, obedience training doesn’t work. Behavior modification training and medication can help with separation anxiety in dogs.