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Different Types of Dog Training in Boulder

Dogs have many options when it comes to training them. Some learn basic etiquette for spending time with family, while others learn the skills to do search and rescue work. There are many types of dog training, depending on their needs.  For more information about dog training, you can schedule a phone consult.

Here are some types of dog training:

Behavioral training:

Behavioral training is a type of training that teaches dogs to behave well with humans and other animals. This may involve some basic commands, but the goal is to make them good dogs. Excessive barking, chewing, or stealing can all be part of this training.

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Compliance training

Obedience training focuses on getting the dog to obey its owner's commands such as sit, be quiet, lie down, etc. This is a bit more advanced than behavioral training but usually involves some behavioral problems. This type of training is also suitable for younger dogs.

Skills training:

Skills training for dogs participating in dog sports such as obstacle courses, competitions, or jumping. This is a more advanced type of training that assumes that the dog understands basic commands. 

Professional training:

Dogs learn very specific techniques for enhancing their senses and communicating with humans. Dogs are truly amazing creatures because they can easily go beyond basic obedience training and save lives.