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Provide an eclectic look to your living room with the grid wallpaper

If you are bored with the bland walls of your living room, it’s time to amp up your home décor with the grid wallpaper. A living room is a place that reveals your personality. Whether you like an art enthusiast, a fashionista, or a travel buff, your living room wall is like your canvas. You can also choose the grid wallpaper for your home; it helps to transform your ordinary living room walls into extraordinary ones. If you like to live in a stylish home, explore these above modern wall décor ideas.

Large artwork for contemporary wall decor 

Artwork in any home helps to attract the attention of visitors. For instance, use a large centrepiece in your living room and watch its charm unfold. Whether you can choose a minimalistic white and black photograph or abstract paintings depends on you, and it is a nice idea for small living room walls. Lastly, choose a large painting or photograph for your living room to attract the visitors’ attention.

Use shelves for home wall decor

If your floor space is running out for your books, it’s nice to show them off on floating shelves. Like this, your bookshelves are also attractive wall décor for your home. However, shelves provide you with more storage space; you can place your other home décor items there like vases, photographs, and so on. Additionally, a stack of books in your living room gives a sophisticated and intricate look to your place.

Create a splendid gallery for nice wall decor

If you want to offer a quirky personality to your living room, then revamp it as an art space. Place your paintings, wall-hangings, framed posters, and photographs on the wall to give new life to your living room. It aids in giving a splendid look to your wall from floor to ceiling.

Make accent walls for attractive wall décor 

Rather than thinking too much about home décor, choose the wallpaper for your home. By this, you can amp up your living place in no time. Wallpaper is a fantastic idea for small rooms, and it is easily applied to the walls and comes with a washable facility.

Use maps as the wall decor

You can also add your favourite countries map or textured map of the world on the walls of your living room. It helps to turn your plain surface into a beautiful texture. It is recommended to paint the map in black or other dark shade to bring freshness to your medium or small living room.


Show off your bikes on the walls of your living room

The most functional and funky décor idea is to mount your bikes on your living room walls. Moreover, it helps to attain everyone’s attention and makes a great centrepiece in your living room.

Choose brass as the living room wall decor

Brass and sculpture are the two most understated décor materials that can quickly add style and grace to your living room. You have to choose the colour of the décor material according to the colour scheme of your living room.


This article contains the information according to the wallpapers. You can choose grid wallpaper for your home. Moreover, to give your home a refreshing look, explore the above various wallpaper ideas.