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A Brief Overview Of Literary Theory

Literary theory is the study of how literature works, from its origins in storytelling to the ways it communicates ideas. It covers a range of topics, including criticism, interpretation, history, and the role of literature in society. 

There are several different approaches to literary theory and no right or wrong answer. Here are some of the most important ones.For a detailed overview of literary theory, see The Oxford Companion to American Literature. Check online to get more information about Homework Philosophy In German.

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History of Literary Theory Literary theory is often dated to the ideas of French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who wrote about the relationship between literature and society. In his essay "On the Social Contract," he said that as one's social status increased, so would one's understanding of literature.

He argued that only when people reached a certain level in society could they fully appreciate art, which is why he claimed that all great works were written by noblemen. Literary theory is important for a number of reasons. First, it helps us to understand how different authors write and what they are trying to say. 

Second, it can help us to interpret certain passages or poems in a new way. Finally, it can give us a better understanding of the history of literature and the development of literary styles.