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Know About Used or Pre-owned Car Dealers

Interested in buying a certified used vehicle or a used vehicle from a dealer but not sure what the difference is between the two? Let's get the facts straight so you can make a more informed decision.

Certified used vehicles

A certified used car is actually a type of used car, but the model is late enough to withstand a rigorous inspection process. Cars can be certified by the manufacturer or dealer. Manufacturer certification is more reliable and is used nationally. You can also avail the benefits of Used car reconditioning software for finding the best car at

Manufacturer-certified vehicles also undergo more testing and often offer benefits such as extended warranties, borrower vehicles, and roadside assistance. Most car dealers update their current inventory on their websites. The website should clarify which cars are certified used and which are not. If you think you need more information, contact a representative.

Total benefits of certified used vehicles:

  • They were already affected by the biggest deletion
  • Cheaper than buying new
  • Offer roadside assistance that is valid for the duration of the warranty extension
  • Careful inspection and repair process
  • Rest assured that the car has been thoroughly inspected by the manufacturer

Used car

If you decide to buy a standard used car, make sure you get the car's VIN number and complete a vehicle history report to make sure you're not buying a lemon. The vehicle history report tells you about accidents, how many owners the vehicle had, and more. It is also advisable to seek feedback from your family members, friends or colleagues who have experience with a particular dealer.