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All You Should Know About Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States. It is estimated that more than 1 million new cases occur every year. There are three types of skin cancer; Basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell, and melanoma. 

However, melanoma is less common than basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell. You can also get the best information about skin cancer via

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Melanoma is a skin cancer that forms in melanocytes while basal cells form in basal cells. Meanwhile, squamous cell carcinoma forms in flat cells. Of the three types, melanoma is the most dangerous skin cancer.

What exactly is skin cancer? It is a disease in which cancer cells are located in the outer layer of the skin. This disease is common in fair-skinned people who have spent a lot of time in the sun. 

Yes, skin cancer can appear on any part of the body, but it is more common on the face, neck, arms, and hands than in areas that are exposed to the sun.

The most common warning sign of this disease is a change in the appearance of the skin, such as new growths or sores that don't heal.

As a precaution, you should have your doctor examine you for suspicious skin scars and changes in the appearance of your skin. 

If the disease is detected early, your doctor may prescribe treatment that will greatly assist you in preventing skin cancer cells from spreading to other tissues and organs.