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Everyday Use Tips To Extend Your Symbol Wt4090 Battery Life

Batteries play the most vital role to keep your device durable and efficient. Keep your symbol wt4090 batteries clean. Use a moistened cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol to clean the metal contacts of your battery every few months. 

You should not expose your battery to extreme temperatures. Your battery should not be left outside in the winter or in your car during the summer. Hot batteries will quickly discharge and cold batteries won't be able to create much power. You can find a wide variety of replacement batteries and accessories from various online sources.

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Don't put your laptop in a bag or any other enclosed area if the symbol wt4090 battery heats up. A battery that gets hot frequently will burn out much faster than one that isn’t being stressed. 

Worst, if your laptop crashes and refuses to shut down properly, it can heat up in your bag. Keep your Motorola notebook clear of any fluffy pillows or cushioned services that could block vents and trap heat.

Avoid allowing your device's battery to completely discharge. Regularly charging a lithium-ion battery doesn't reduce its life expectancy. Do not leave it on its own for too long. Keep it charged as much as possible.

Charging your laptop for less than a few hours can cause the battery to wear quickly. If the laptop is not being used, such as at night, plug it into an outlet and let it charge until it is fully charged.