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Telegram features you might not have known

Telegram is one the most feature-rich messaging services available, with many cool perks that can rival Signal and WhatsApp in terms of functionality. Telegram's basic features, such as the ability to send and edit messages, are well-known. You can also find 15+ Best Telegram Channels For AudioBooks online.

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1. Alerts for live location and proximity

Users of Telegram can communicate with each other via live location, just like WhatsApp. The receiver can track the sender's location in real-time for a specified amount of time while they are on the move. Telegram allows both the sender and receiver to set proximity alerts. 

These mini-alerts will ring whenever another user is within a 50-meter radius. For example, you could set up a proximity alarm to notify you when your friend is within 50 meters of you at the mall. This will allow you to start searching for them.

2. Scheduled and silent messages

Telegram lets you schedule messages to go out at a specific time. You can also send silent messages to the receiver if you don't want to disturb them. This is a great way to communicate with your boss while you are in a meeting or to remind a friend that you're away from them.

3. You can create your own themes

Telegram lets you personalize your app's interface. You can select from many themes and color combinations within the app to achieve this. You can also change the color of your chat background and messages.