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Resume Writing Tips and Fundamentals

Writing a resume is an art form. Resume writing, like all art forms, is subjective. You can still make your resume appealing to the average hiring manager if you follow some common guidelines. These resume writing tips will help you make your resume stand out.

1.Make your resume stand out by focusing on a single point

The hiring manager should quickly get to know your capabilities and profession. This can be done by placing the name of your profession underneath your name and street address. Then, follow it up with a skills summary. An executive summary could be written that starts with your profession and then describes your skills.

2. Start phrases with action verbs

It was achieved! It was achieved! Sold! Launched! To accurately describe your accomplishments and skills, choose the most powerful and engaging verbs that you can find.

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3. For each job or achievement, use the correct verb tense

Use the past tense if you are referring to a job you have held in the past, or an achievement you have already achieved. Use the present tense if you are referring to a job that you hold currently or an achievement that you are working towards. 

4. Make your resume simple to read

A resume should be simple with plenty of white space. Each section should not exceed 7 lines. You can add more lines to a section or paragraph if you have more. You can only read 7 lines in any of the sections you are currently reading.