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The Basic Home Construction Process in Vaughan

The Basic Home Construction Process in Vaughan

We don't always have a good idea of what happens during the construction process of our house. For this reason, many homebuyers ask many questions such as: How long will the house be built? What is concluded by the construction process? When can they visit the site?

If you find yourself asking the same question, this article will help you understand the basic home construction process; Although this article only offers a brief review, it will still help you get a general description of how the construction process works. You can consider the pre construction houses in Vaughan if you want to buy a new home for your family.

Here are some points mentioned to be considered.

  • Stage One: Pre-Construction

Before the construction of houses began, the floor plan must be first developed, resolved, and then submitted to the city office to be reviewed to get building permits. Building permits are needed for various construction work including electricity, sewer connections, septic systems, plumbing, and home buildings. 

  • Stage two: Foundation

After getting the building permissions needed and do all the initial tests, your homeland will be prepared. The wall foundation was also established. This process can use wood shapes while preserved concrete or wood, or permanently isolated blocks. During this phase, home builders may ask you to disconnect the floor, cabinets, tiles, and more.

  • Stage Three: frame

This phase involves establishing a framework of frames. Exterior tarps are also applied or other framing techniques can also be used. The frame was also built on the floor, one wall at a time, and then appointed in its place. Windows and doors are also installed during this stage. During this process, the underground floor was also built and installed. Electricity and pipe supply, along with heating, cooling, and ventilation. 

  • Stage four: Interior and exterior work

During the next stage, interior and interior work will be carried out at the same time; Thus, the right scheduling must be observed. Exterior wall insulation is done, heating and cooling systems are installed, and steam barriers will be applied. During this process, the walls and ceilings will also be painted, the floor is placed, and the closet for the kitchen and bathroom is installed.