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Ways To Help Save & Energy With Facebook Chatbot

Ways To Help Save & Energy With Facebook Chatbot

What is Facebook Chatbot? In general, a chatbot (or vernacular bot for short) is any piece of software which uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) to simulate natural human communication. This is done by gathering information and presenting it in a manner which can be understood and/or understood by humans. One of the most common uses for Facebook Messenger Bot is for businesses and organizations. Businesses use them to increase productivity by conducting business conversations with their customers over the Messenger system.

On Facebook Messenger Bot, chat bots understand questions and deliver appropriate bot responses. However, in order for your bot to effectively engage customers, it should understand questions and deliver relevant answers. You can give feedback to your chatbot by sending him messages on the system. In addition, you can also ask him questions so that he can respond to them as well. Facebook Messenger Bot has made it very easy for organizations to conduct business with people who are far away from their offices.

Many businesses and organizations are now using Facebook Messenger Bot to conduct business on Facebook. For example, Rob Marriott, the CEO of the hotel Iberia Inn, had his Facebook Messenger Bot named "ALifeYahoo". ALifeYahoo communicated with the guests, received feedback, gave suggestions, proposed deals, deleted messages, answered questions and shared calendars with its users. After adapting to the new format of communicating with guests, the bot became very popular and its usage went up dramatically.

The second business that was recently started with chat bots using Facebook Handoff Protocol is Hilton Hotel Bot. It is being used in hotels across the globe such as Hilton Head Island, Hilton Pond,HQ, Orlando International and so on. In order to take full advantage of the bot, a dedicated bot operator needs to be installed on each computer in the hotel's network. In other words, all the employees in a chain of hotels can participate in the bot installation and use it to help in the smooth handover protocol.

Since the development of Handoff Protocol, various IT companies have made available a range of bot developers who use bot technologies in order to make possible the smooth transition of communication between human and machine. The bot developers make use of Facebook APIs and third-party tools, along with the established Facebook applications like Photosharing and the status bar. In order to make the Facebook Messenger Bot efficient for use in hotels, the developers use certain strategies. These include:

o Use Bots to streamline the process of booking. When a guest uses Facebook Messenger Bot to book a room, he/she will fill out the details required by the app including name, gender, room number, pick between a breakfast or an afternoon session and so on. Once the information has been filled out, the bot will then automatically suggest various destinations for a guest to book, based on his/her inputs. The bot will also suggest the different modes of transport available within the area and thus help reduce the stress associated with getting different directions to book a room.

o Use Bots to offer customer service. The basic idea behind using Facebook Chatbot to provide customer service is that customers can interact with the company's representatives live through Facebook Messenger. Once a customer is satisfied with the services provided by the company's representative, he/she will be willing to share his/her experience through the chatbot and recommend the company to other friends and acquaintances.

o Make the bot as interactive as possible. The Facebook Messenger Bot offers more interactivity than most chat programs. The chat platform allows users to ask question and receive quick answers from the bot. The bot also offers a list of popular conversations/conversations which customers can subscribe to and receive updates on. In short, chat bots are here to help save time and energy, both for the business and the customer service reps.