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Complete Removal of Wrinkles With Botox Treatment In Singapore

Botox helps soften existing facial lines by temporarily immobilizing wrinkles and preventing wrinkles from normal facial expressions. As noted above, you'll need follow-up treatments every three to four months, and generally, the more treatments you do, the more noticeable the results.

The cost of Botox for frown wrinkles to be treated with the depth and severity of the existing wrinkles. The Botox formula is sold in small bottles with a standard number of Botox units in each bottle. 

The cost of botox is calculated based on the number of botox units used in cosmetic procedures. This can range from $300 to $500; So get a free offer before your botox session to avoid concussion later!

Fast and minimally invasive, only a few small injections are given into the muscle causing mild to severe brow wrinkling. The exact location of the Botox injection is strategically determined to achieve the best results. 

No anesthetic cream is required, although many doctors use anesthetic cream to relieve discomfort. Cold compresses before injection can also be used to minimize discomfort.

However, you should be in moderation with your Botox injections so that you don't look like many Hollywood celebrities who have a fake look compared to their normal facial expressions that suggest overdoing Botox treatments.