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Choosing A Right Caravan For You

It is essential that you not only find the caravan that is right for you, but the combination of the caravan, towing vehicle and towing equipment must all be suitable. After all you do not want to spend a lot of money on a big caravan when you only require a small caravan. You equally, do not want to buy a big caravan and then try to tow it with a small car not suitable to tow that weight. Equipping your van and towing vehicle properly is just as important as choosing a slide on caravan. This will take time, research and legwork. However, by getting things right initially is the best guarantee for a stress-free holiday.


Folding Caravans & Campers.

These units are made of lightweight materials. These units have similar internal arrangements to regular caravans. The roof section is raised mechanically to expose canvas walls. The ends slide out to make room for the beds. These are sometimes called camper-trailers by some manufacturers. Both off-road and on-road models are possible.

Pop-Top Caravans

Pop-top caravans are just like normal caravans, except the top section folds up and down. This makes them easier to tow: the lower profile means far less drag therefore using less fuel. They do lack overhead cupboard space though and require slightly more maintenance. Again, on and off-road models are available.