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All You Need to Know About Studio Lighting Equipment

Studio lighting and equipment hire allows you to professionally light a studio or a stage with top of the range equipment and this has a range of practical benefits for many different groups and organizations.

Companies that regularly work in a studio are the ones that may choose to hire studio lighting and equipment. This could be photographers, but it also might refer to web designers, whose business is heavily influenced by photography. Magazines and media companies will likely require studio lighting and equipment to enable them to create professional-looking images with models and photographers.

A professional lighting service can make a huge difference in a photograph. Although many lighting aspects and colors can be altered in photo editing software like photo-shop, the initial lighting has the greatest impact on the final image's appearance. This determines the color, the shadows and the amount of contrast. 

For moody shots, heavy lighting can cast shadows on one side. If you are looking to create modeling shots, bright lights can reduce contrast and hide imperfections. This makes it easier for editors to work with later. Equipment hire can also include green screens or backdrops. This will make editing pictures easier and enable you to use a wider range of effects.