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Brief About Tactile Sign Language

Tactile signing is a tactile communication method used by some deaf and visually impaired children. A child who is blind and deaf puts his hand in the maker's hand to see what is being communicated through touch and movement.

This is sometimes referred to as "archiving", "manual signing", or "tracking". The characters are based on English Sign Language (ESL) and contain an alphabet for the deafblind based on the ESL fingerprint alphabet. The touchable sign language method is mainly used by deaf children and adolescents who used ESL as their first language before they lost their sight.

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Deafblind handwritten alphabet

It is also known as the fingertip or tactile alphabet. Again, the undersigned is under each letter of each word, and the deaf and mute put their hands below to "read" what has been said.

Alphabet block

Block alphabet is another tactile approach to communication that involves writing words in the palm of a child's hand. The letters are outlined with the help of your finger in the palm of the child's hand and follow the same shape and form as written.

The deafblind can choose other communication approaches such as holistic communication, language, sign language, and informal communication. These communication approaches are very useful for them.