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Cloud PBX – Uses of Interactive Voice Response

Cloud PBX – Uses of Interactive Voice Response

With the many innovative features of a cloud PBX system, one feature that can be fully customized and perform several tasks is an IVR or Interactive Voice Response this is typically a recording that is played in certain circumstances to inform customers, make an up-sell, and guide callers.

Unlike in traditional phone system that charges you a monthly fee to have an IVR on top of the expensive setup cost a cloud PBX system will have no monthly fees for it and set up will be very minimal especially if you will provide your own recordings making the feature cost-effective and a true-blooded phone system solution. You can get more information on Cloud PBX via

Additionally IVR on a cloud PBX system is very easy to deploy and fully customizable to fit your needs.

Greeting messages – You can use your IVR for greeting customers to your business although this is quite a simple feature it is very important that you have a professional greeting message as callers may judge your business based on the initial contact so having one is not only polite but will potentially bring you more sales.

Menu system – You can also use it on your menu system to play the options that the caller has, typically options are divided by department of the business. This will allow your caller to be in touch with the right person straight away without having to be transferred a couple of times which annoys most callers.

Recorded help messages – You can even use it to record troubleshooting steps and basic guides for your customers. The messages can be played when they are on hold or a completely separate option from the menu system. This will not only save your staff time but also empower your customers to solve basic problems by themselves just by proving simple steps through a recording.