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Laser Hair Removal: Critical Facts You Must Know

Laser Hair Removal: Critical Facts You Must Know

Generally, you need 4-6 laser sessions spaced four weeks apart, which will result in an 80-90 percent reduction in your hair growth. For best results, experts recommend carrying out annual maintenance procedures (at least 2 years).

For a more accurate estimate of the amount of maintenance you will need for your particular case, it is recommended that you seek advice from your technician. Most clinics offer free consultations. So if you find one that doesn't, look for another provider. You can find the best laser pubic hair extraction services in Hong Kong by searching the web.

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Preparations for laser hair removal

For best and safe results, you need to prepare your treatment properly. With the right preparation, you can:

– Avoid the side effects of your treatment

– Optimize your results

– Minimize maintenance time

– Reduce all discomfort

Which areas can be treated for laser hair removal?

Large areas of skin can be treated simultaneously with a laser / pulsating light aimed at multiple follicles at the same time. For your information, electrolysis treatments (such as legs or back) are very time consuming compared to laser treatments. Standard laser hair removal sessions on your feet usually take less than two hours, while electrolysis in the same area can take years!

Cheap and discounted procedures don't necessarily mean you will get the best service. In the era of the Internet, you have the opportunity to collect reviews and other information from previous customers about the hair removal tool you have chosen.