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The Functions of Explosion Vent Panels

The Functions of Explosion Vent Panels

Many factories and processes are protected from the risk of fire in the workplace, but very few are protected from the growing risk of dust explosions. All it takes is a spark from a short circuit in the application, or a hot object entering the process, plus dust in the air, or simply a lack of work safety – and the consequences can be devastating. There is a risk of explosion not only when working with dust, but also with gas, vapor, and hybrid mixtures.

The most affordable form of explosion protection is explosion ventilation. The air vents are suitable for a wide range of applications including those with low operating pressures. Its design makes it highly efficient, reliable, and easy to install and is available in a variety of sizes and specifications. You can also browse the web to consult an explosion relief vents supplier for VMP explosion panels.

The VMP membrane is the ideal cost-effective solution to protect against damage and production loss due to explosions. Under normal operating conditions, the application vent is covered by a blasting cover. If the operating pressure inside the device increases as a result of an incipient explosion, the ventilation screen opens, and with it the pressure and flame escape from the protected area. 

Installation is easy with the construction and design of the VMP explosive ventilation device. This range of blast ventilation equipment is suitable for a wide variety of applications including dust filters, silos, bins, factories, crushers, cyclones, and more.